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"INDIA 2017" was a short trip of just one month.
Started with one week in Gundalaba village, Odisha.
My friend Tuku ji runs a turtle protection project among other environment related projects.
The female starts digging a hole to lay her eggs.
Apparently not disturbed by (Tuku-ji) the human presence

She lays about 100 eggs

Then fills in the nest, and leaves, never to see her eggs hatching.

Green Life Rural Association gather eggs from as many nests as possible.

Then they transfer them to a man-made nest......

...... in a secure site, where stray dogs can't dig them up.

Once hatched, they are released on the beach and make their own way to the sea.

Back in Gundalaba village.

Enjoy an amazing sense of peace..... until the cows come home !!

Then off to a conference to discuss making the local beach front a Plastic Free Zone....

The site was deliberately chosen to show the deplorable state of the popular tourist area.

Most of the audience were women, as the men were out at work.

Tuku-ji getting serious. He is passionate about saving India and saving the planet !!

After the conference, a symbolic clean-up.

....... and finally, a few words from our foreign correspondant.....

From Gundalaba to Puri, then to Bhubaneshwar to take a flight to Delhi.

In Puri

Nice hotel for 8€ per night.

Halal Chicken

Puri Railway Station

Breakfast on the train to Bhubaneshwar - Samosas

Week 2 started with 3 nights in Delhi.
I had met Aditya Arya, curator of the India Photo Archive, in Paris in June 2016.
I was determined to pay him a visit in Gurgaon, Delhi this year.
Aditya ji is not only very friendly, but has a passion for the history of photography.

Aditya Arya ji

While wandering around Old Delhi, I came across the Gurudwara Sisganj Sahib Temple.
Sikh temples traditionally provide food for anyone and everyone.

Close by is the Jama Masjid (Friday Mosque) Old Delhi

Old Delhi is fascinating, though often too crowded to move around and take photos freely.
On this day the temperature was 40°

Delhi, the hub of India...

Large Ganesh and life-size Buddha

I'm not 100% sure, but I think this cupboard under the stairs is in fact a repair workshop,
though I have no idea what for !

Everything 100 rupees !!

Old Delhi's electricity network is in a shocking state.

National Rail Museum, Chanakayapuri, New Delhi

Most of the exhibits are in better condition than current rolling stock !!

Left Delhi on 31/03 on night train to Udaipur.
Arrived 07:30 on 01/04
Women's Festival at Gangaur Ghat, Lake Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Gulab Bargh (Rose Garden), Udaipur

Around Udaipur

Free long-term motor-cycle parking.

Letter Box offering express service to Pisa....

Wok the .... ?

Aloo Tikki and Chole (Fried Potato Cakes with Chick Pea Sauce)

Street Jacuzzi, Udaipur

Udaipur is famous for its typical local Street Art

Colourful March by Hindus in the strets of Udaipur

And back to Lake Pichola.
Lake Palace, Udaipur

From Udaipur to Rishikesh on 04/04, via Hazrat Nizamuddin on 05/04,
then to Haridwar, and finally a taxi to Laxman Jhula / Rishikesh
Traditonal building practices, Rishikesh....

.... Hanuman seems to have his doubts.....

Tree with private balcony

When choosing a local restaurant, eat where the locals eat...

Waterfall, just 2 km from Rishikesh

Down on the Ganges at Rishikesh, the ideal place to say Suriya Namaskar (Greetings to the Sun) every morning as it appears above the hills about one hour after sunrise.

Suriya Namaskar !

Suriya Namaskar !

Suriya Namaskar !

Suriya Namaskar !

At 7:30 am, you have to bring your own tea...

Laxman Jhula is the other side of the Ganges from Rishikesh.
Thanks to the Beatles, it has 60 years of history as a "Chill-Out" destination.
Still a favourite place for real and fake Gurus, Sadhus, Babas etc....
And a surprisingly pleasant laid-back sort of ambiance.
The Mango Tree Guest House is run by my Godson Vikki and his associate Shobam.

Vikki Beta

Shobam Bhai

Around Laxman Jhula

Fresh Sugar Cane Juice


I've never seen straberries as red as these.....!

Typical local tourist shops.

As Laxman Jhula is strictly vegan, you have to go to Rishikesh to buy eggs.

Walking along the banks of the Ganges.....

Laxman Jhula Bridge joins Rishikesh to Laxman Jhula.

I.5 Km downstream is Ram Jhula

Trayambakeshwar Temple getting a much needed re-paint

View from Mango Tree Guest House

Laxman Jhula Bridge with no one on it - a rare sight !

Morning bath-cum-Puja

Rishikesh to the left, and Laxman Jhula to the right

Morning bath in the Holy Ganga....
Cleanliness and Godliness at the same time.

Yoga is what Laxman Jhula and Rishikesh are all about.

A Political debate in the street

"A-political" bull

The only way to travel.....

Free meal, this time offered by Hindus in Laxman Jhula

Trainee Sadhu, religious ascetic.

Another Sadhu

More Sadhus

Another trainee Sadhu

Trendy Sadhu

Laid-back Baba

Commercial Sadhu / Guru

Holy Water from the Ganes - the perfect gift formy friends in Amarpurkashi


Nightly Ganga Arti Puja Ceremony (Blessing the Ganges with music).

Hanuman at the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple near Laxman Jhula

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

Left Rishikesh on 15/04
Return to Amarpurkashi, as every year.

Former Project Director, Mukat Singh, at the Eco-Harmony Project that he set up 2 years ago.

In the village

Village Doctor's Surgery

Street Food at its best - Deep-fried Potatoes in Spicy Batter

उपला  Upla
Fuel for heating and cooking, made from cow dung and straw.
The smoke given off is carcinogenic.

Wedding equipment rentals

Dry toilets at the Eco-Harmony Project

New construction in the classroom blocks

And finally a quick look at some food......
Aloo Paratha (Potato Pancake), Dahi (Yogurt), Chatni (Spicy Sauce) and Chai (Milk Tea).

Poha (Puffed rice) and accompaniments

These 3 Aloo Parathas with Yogurt and Pickle were ordered using
Indian Railways Food Delivery App "Food on Track", paid for with my "Paytm" digital wallet,
and delivered to my seat in the train by a restaurant at the chosen station.

Bhindi (Okra), Dal and Rice

Korean Food for a change

Making Tandoori Nan Bread

Nan Bread, Rajma (Kidney Beans), Palak (Spinach) and Rice

Salad, Dal and Rice

Roti, Salad, Dal and Rice

Samosa with sweet and spicy sauce

Special Thali .....

.... with Nan Bread, Raita and Chatni

Shobam's home made Chocolate Cake

A healthy breakfast at the Mango Tree Guest House ...

..... and another

I raided the Guest House fridge one morning, as everyone was still asleep at 8 am.
I made this Fruit Salad, Yogurt and Muesli Thali with Honey

Raj Bhog and Rabri / Rasgula

Typical APK Food, for Staff, Students and Visitors

And finally, Airport Food !!

Now let's start planning the next trip.....